Robert Siegel said my name

I was on All Things Considered today, talking a bit about compressed sensing. They let me tell the syphillis story that didn’t fit in the Wired article. The radio broadcast has come and gone, but you can still hear it at NPR’s website. Laura Balzano made the audio demo; for more explanation and more cool demos, see her page.

Update: I just listened to the piece.  Sorry for the inaccurate title:  Art Silverman, not Robert Siegel, said my name.

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One thought on “Robert Siegel said my name

  1. Richard Seguin says:

    I personally appreciate the value of being able to speed up MRI scans, and it would be wonderful if compressed sensing can do that. Years ago I had an MRI brain scan (nothing serious found), and although I’m not particularly claustrophobic, it was mentally challenging disappearing into that tight tube and hearing nothing but those eerie noises for unending minutes without really knowing what was going on out there. They provided me with a mirror right above my eyes that was angled so that I could actually see a little bit past my feet through the end of the tube. I recall that my impression was that the mirror was slightly convex (whether it was or not) and the whole tube looked elongated. Anyway, it was a big mistake looking into the mirror. I had to keep my eyes closed the rest of the time, and when when they finally extracted me from that cylinder I felt like I had come back from the dead. I only wish I had obtained some image “slices” as a keepsake.

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