Thank God for Pittsburgh

Tom is right about Terry Crowley but wrong that the Orioles are “the worst team of 2010 and potentially the worst team of modern times.”  The Pirates are 4.5 games ahead of us, sure.  But they’ve scored the same putrid number of runs we have and allowed 20 more.  They’re a titanically crappy team that’s lucky enough to be playing .350 ball.  What’s more, they’re doing it in the NL Central, not the AL East; the Orioles have played 68% of their games against winning teams, as against 56% for the Bucs.  And the winning teams in our division include the three best in baseball.

None of this will be much comfort if we actually lose 120 games.  But I don’t think we will!

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3 thoughts on “Thank God for Pittsburgh

  1. Robert says:

    LOL! If you’re pumping up your team by comparing them to the Bucs – that is NOT a good sign :-) :-)

    And I say this as a former Pittsburgh transplant who got much amusement from the Pirates record number of losing seasons … they became a running joke (e.g. After the Pens and Steelers won championships last year: “Pittsburgh: The city of champions … and the Pirates”))

    Still: The LA Clippers beat both for sheer futility in major American professional sports.

  2. Jeff says:

    “The LA Clippers beat both for sheer futility in major American professional sports.”

    *cough* Chicago Cubs *cough*

  3. Adam says:

    It gets worse over here in my adopted hometown: the Pirates have fired one of the racing pierogies for posting disparaging comments about the team on his Facebook page. Front-page news in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Since I moved here, I have been hoping for a Pirates-Orioles World Series in which I get to see the Orioles avenge the loss in 79 (and 71 I suppose but I don’t remember that one). Now I am hoping that the Orioles lose fewer games than the Pirates and finish with the second-worst record in baseball…..

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