Consumer advisory

A tip:  when purchasing a kid-sized foosball table at a yard sale, check to see whether the playing surface is level.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be playing foosball against a 4-year-old, going uphill is a pretty fair handicap.

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2 thoughts on “Consumer advisory

  1. Richard Kent says:


    There used to be an little old guy in Austin with a strong Mediterranean accent that would walk around one of the local bars trying to find foosball competitors. He was pretty aggressive about it, and very serious about the game. Everyone called him Foosilini.

  2. Jim Bryan says:

    Coincidentally, we just yesterday bought an all-wooden table top foosball table for our 6 and 4 year olds. But we are planning on returning it today — as much as I like all wooden toys, this simply didn’t function the way a foosball table should. Our six year old is a little concerned: he told Jenny “Mommy, when we get a foosball table, I don’t want you to own me”. I told her that she should have responded “I won’t own you, I will pwn you.”

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