Cheesesteak eggrolls

I have a big backlog of Madison food stuff to blog about but I’m putting it all aside just to say Big Red’s Steaks is selling cheesesteak eggrolls.

Cheesesteak eggrolls.

But surely you ask what do you dip it in.

You dip it in a little tub of Cheez Whiz.

Thought they must have invented this but no.

One probably must not say cheesesteak eggrolls were invented.  Rather discovered.

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3 thoughts on “Cheesesteak eggrolls

  1. Jessie says:

    My friend Rich recently made us homemade cheesesteak eggrolls with a yummy sweet and sour dipping sauce. They are purely awful for you and incredibly good.

  2. Dirty Davey says:


  3. Ashley says:

    I had these once and loved them; trying to find the recipe. could you give it to me?

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