How many people will vote on Facebook?

As I write this, about 4.7 million Americans have clicked the “I voted” button on Facebook.  As best I can tell, there are between 125 and 150 million Facebook accounts in the US, and about 90% of these belong to people of voting age.  Of course, lots of people have Facebook accounts but don’t use them.  Facebook says half of registered users log in every day.  So let’s say there’s a pool of about 60 million people who might be expected, if they voted, to click the Facebook button.  Turnout in the election is expected to be about 50% — though of course it will be lower among 18-24s, who are disproportionately represented on Facebook.  How many voters will Facebook tally by the end of polling?

Of my friends, 13% have voted.



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4 thoughts on “How many people will vote on Facebook?

  1. Up to 8.5 million people now…

  2. Richard Kent says:

    It broke 10 million the last time I saw it. What was the final tally?

  3. JSE says:

    About 12 million last I saw.

  4. Michael Childers says:

    I don’t install Facebook apps. Hence, no identification of me as voting. But I di more than just my part: I voted weeks ago and have been working 40+ hours a week for the past few months to make sure as many people get to the polls (and in to help identify voters and Get Out The Vote) as posible.

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