Cabbage apples mustard, cheese strawberries pineapples

Something fast to eat on cold nights:

some shredded cabbage (in a bag is fine)

2-3 apples

mustard (we use spicy brown)

red wine vinegar

Procedure:  put some olive oil in a pan, chop the apples and fry them with a little pepper.  Throw the shredded cabbage on top of it and fry further.  Put in some mustard and stir.  Then toss a glug of red wine vinegar in the pan, cover, and let steam a few minutes.  Good with chopped up turkey kielbasa in it.

CJ asked me also to blog about his strawberry pineapple cheese pie.  (This is a layer of shredded cheese on a plate, with frozen strawberries and pineapples on top, microwaved until melted and thawed respectively.)

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