Wisconsin faculty blogs

This month’s On Wisconsin has a feature on UW faculty blogs, including this one.  I had no idea there were so many!  John Hawks, who writes bracingly about anthropology, is said to get 8,000 hits a day.  (I get…. fewer than that.)  Deborah Blum, who teaches our aspiring science journalists, stands up for science blogging at Speakeasy Science.  Economics prof Menzie Chinn co-blogs at Econbrowser; lots of good material up there right now about the state of the Wisconsin budget.  And our communications grad students have a group blog, Antenna:  great news for people like me who have no idea what our communications grad students do.  (It seems that among other things they think carefully about reality TV, an activity of which I approve.)

Use comments to promote any UW blogs the article missed!

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin faculty blogs

  1. Frank says:

    How many of them are expressing fondness and admiration for your new governor?

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh Deborah Blum is awesome! She’s been on several of my nerdy science podcasts, and I really like her. Her book is on my must-read-soon-no-seriously list. Damn, I cannot add more blogs to my RSS feed. They suck too much time already!

    Oh, and you are, too. Awesome, I mean.

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