I was going to write a post about Baryshnikov’s homotopy-theoretic proof of Arrow’s theorem — and I will!  Because it is cool! — but it’s gotten very late, so instead here’s a nerdy joke I heard on Marc Maron’s podcast.

Guy walks into a bar, says “Gimme a martinus.”

Bartender says, “You mean martini?”

Guy says, “If I wanted two, I would have ordered two!”

I highly recommend Maron’s podcast, by the way, as long as you’re interested in hearing stand-up comics talk about their anguish, the terrible mistakes they’ve made, and the weird alcoves and deformations of their inner lives.  Also, there are jokes.


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2 thoughts on “Martinus

  1. majordomo says:

    Awesome, I love marc maron’s podcast too. Unfortunately he’s begun to charge money for some of his old podcasts!!

  2. Marc says:

    That’s only the half-geeky version. In high-school Latin, we told it this way.
    “Give me a vodkum martinus.”
    “Don’t you mean a vodka martini?”
    “If I wanted a double, I’d have asked for it.”

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