I talk about Pi Day on Wisconsin Public Radio

Tomorrow (Monday) morning on Morning Edition at 88.7FM, aired at 6:35 and again at 8:35.  Available online at Wisconsin Life.

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4 thoughts on “I talk about Pi Day on Wisconsin Public Radio

  1. JSE says:

    Hey, in the interview I put in a pitch not only for tau but for my own preference for 2 pi i; these were left on the cutting room floor, along with my gag about the correct Greek pronunciation of “pi.”

  2. majordomo says:

    Hey Jordan it’s still not up. When is it going to be ?

  3. majordomo says:

    Just heard the pi rant you did on Wisconsin Life. Particularly cool was the observation that the probability of two randomly selected integers being coprime is related to pi. Awesome. Now I have two recordings of your voice, the first being the spiel you did on syphillis and MRI.

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