Living in the past

CJ and I played Galaga last night.  Galaga is great.  When those spaceships go off the bottom of the screen, except they haven’t quite gone all the way off the bottom of the screen, and then they curl back up and destroy you — that is classic.

Another thing I cannot deny still liking is “Living in the Past,” by Jethro Tull.

And here is Galaga.  I was surprised to find I still knew the background music by heart, after all these years.

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One thought on “Living in the past

  1. Dear Jordan,

    Galaga is indeed great. I used to play it with my brother and a friend at the Dookie Pub. The great features of their particular machine were that (a) it was located in a room away from where the publican or his wife would normally be present; (b) if you reached underneath and pulled a certain lever or wire, you could get it to restart without having to put in any money. At some point the publican’s wife walked in at an inopportune moment (a momentary failing of feature (a)), and feature (b) was subsequently removed. Still, they were good Galaga times while they lasted.



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