Recall petition hijinx

I know what you’ve been thinking — what happened to the blog’s obsession with bizarro Wisconsin politics?  Don’t worry, things haven’t settled down here.  It now appears that nine senators, six Republicans and three Democrats, will face recall elections this summer.  There’s one hitch, though:  Democrats say that the petitions for recall of the Dem senators are filled with fake signatures copied from phone books, including one from the father of Democratic State Representative Marc Pocan.  Not to say that dad’s can’t disagree with their sons politically — but the senior Pocan died in 1991.  He’s still in the phone book, though — and he’s still in the books as a signature for recall.

The recall petitions are all scanned and online, in case you want to do your own detective work.  For instance, I might want someone to take a second look at page 2505 of the petitions to recall Jim Holperin from Senate District 12, which has just two signatures, both illegible, gathered on April 1; scrawled across the whole page is a message that appears to say “F**K SCOTT WALKER AND ABORTION.”

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3 thoughts on “Recall petition hijinx

  1. Richard Séguin says:

    I was told by one person tonight that the problem went beyond signatures of dead people. (Did they use ouija boards to obtain these signatures?) The recall drives sponsored by the Republicans were run by private companies based outside of the state. There have been complaints by signatories that they were misled as to the purpose of the petition. Some people thought they were signing a petition to recall Walker and others thought it had to to with the environment*. The blatant hypocrisy of the Republicans who are also pushing a photo ID voter bill to eliminate what they imagine to be widespread voter fraud should be extremely embarrassing to them but I don’t think they’re smart enough to recognize the problem. At any rate, I’ve just returned to Madison after being gone for two weeks, haven’t personally been following all of this, and am relying on second hand information.

    *Are there people who actually sign petitions without reading them? This doesn’t reflect well on them either.

  2. Where are said scanned online signatures? I can’t find any on Google.

  3. JSE says:

    Link added in post.

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