Future “women in math” threads: a request

The comments on yesterday’s post turned into another boring “feminism sux / feminism roolz” thread.  I get it — some people think it’s worth thinking about gender issues in math, some people don’t, people are going to have that discussion.  Fine.

My request:  if you are going to comment on a “women in math,” thread, or for that matter, any other thread that gets people’s political dander up, try to direct your comment at the material of the particular post.  If your comment would apply equally well to any imaginable post about women in math, then maybe don’t post it.

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5 thoughts on “Future “women in math” threads: a request

  1. T. P. says:

    After you make a post on a controversial topic, it is unreasonable to get upset about ensuing arguments. You are sounding like a boy who lights a firecracker and acts all surprised and shocked when it explodes.

    Sorry. No sympathy for you.

  2. Yemon Choi says:

    Unlike T. P. (it seems) I tend to the principle that on a person’s blog, one plays by their house rules. If I don’t like the rules, then I don’t comment. The firecracker analogy doesn’t work in my opinion. It’s not as if JSE was imitating the death-defying daredevil in Kentucky Fried Movie…

  3. T.P. says:

    Sorry YC, You aren’t the houseowner, JSE is perfectly capable of admonishing someone if he feels the need. If I violated any house rules, I would like to hear it from him directly and not from any self-appointed local tough guys. Please do not stick your head into a business between me and someone else.

  4. JSE says:

    This post was a request, not a requirement. The blog does not have “house rules.” I’m not totally clear on what T.P. is objecting to here.

  5. Yemon Choi says:

    Sorry for replying to a comment you left on a blog.

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