Es apulkat (avocado coffee shake) at Calasan Diner

  Calasan Diner is an Indonesian fast-food place that opened last month at Old Sauk and High Point, just inside the Beltline (same shopping center as Alicia Ashman library.)  Es alpukat is an Indonesian sweet drink made with avocado, instant coffee, and condensed milk.  You can get the latter at the former and I was glad I did.  At lunch they just serve fried chicken, which comes sweet or salty — I preferred the salty.  I didn’t know Indonesian fried chicken was a thing, but it is!  At dinner there’s a full Indonesian menu.  A welcome addition to this relatively restaurant-free neighborhood.

(Ultra-brief rundown of other restaurants around there:  in the same shopping center is the pretty good Swagat, notable for often having some Indian-Chinese dishes on the buffet.   Oliva is a Turkish pizzeria which doesn’t serve iskender kebab so I don’t go there.  But they recently expanded into a bigger space (formerly yet another depressing Atlanta Bread Company) so I’m guessing their pizza’s good.  Down Gammon most of the way to Mineral Point is the likeable Cilantro, “interior Mexican” at a high price point and a lethally untrafficked location.)

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One thought on “Es apulkat (avocado coffee shake) at Calasan Diner

  1. Huh, es alpukat sounds rather good. I wonder if there are Indonesian restaurants around here that serve it?

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