It’s like a state, a state of Kong

For the few people who will get nostalgic pleasure out of this, a 1992 article from the Harvard Crimson in which I am extensively quoted about my love for the Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square.  I still go there just about every time I’m in town, most recently with Steve Burt.  The once-great “Top of the Kong” comedy club appears no longer to exist, sadly.  Update: No, apparently there’s still a comedy club there, it just changed its name to The Comedy Studio!

Glossary for non-Boston people: “Peking ravioli” is New England nomenclature for fried dumplings, developed by Joyce Chen in order to get Italian people to come to her restaurant.  If an entrepreneur of her caliber had ever lived in Milwaukee, I could probably get Shanghai spaeztle around here.

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4 thoughts on “It’s like a state, a state of Kong

  1. Michelle says:

    The comedy club is gone? Wow… I saw some great people there. In one show, I saw Sarah Silverman and Jonathan Katz. They were both trying out new material. It was great seeing them open for absolute nobodys… the order of performers appeared to be completely random.

  2. Mike says:

    There is still a comedy club! Since 1999 or so, it’s been the Comedy Studio: I can’t speak for the predecessor, but this place is my favorite comedy club in the world. Usually a good mix of shaky new talent, seasoned acts, and some weird stuff that isn’t straight stand-up. Reliably good audience too. I don’t live in Boston anymore, so I only go when I’m in town about once a year, but they’ve been reliably interesting to me for 12 years now. Definitely worth a visit.

  3. Dick Gross says:

    Jordan –

    There is no doubt that the Kong is a world-class restaurant. What I discovered as dean was that it also has a well-supplied bar. If we could put in a tunnel from the Kong to the alcohol treatment center at the UHS, it might speed up the recuperation process for many Harvard undergraduates.


  4. Dirty Davey says:

    Yours ain’t the only name I recognized in that article.

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