Intrigue in the Harvard personals

Harvard Magazine:  “I read it for the articles,” as they say, but there’s a monthly gem that often goes unnoticed:  the personal ads!  Yes, there are still people who take out personal ads in print media.  And here’s one from the most recent issue:

Professional, loving Jewish-Italian family, Brookline, MA,  with mature, beautiful and accomplished daughter age 21 seeks applicant for position of son-in-law.  Must be at least 21, family and career oriented with great expectations.  No political tests though occupants of Zuccotti Park need not apply.  Applicants and/or parents send resume to [address redacted because I know some mischievous types read this blog.]

Can this be real?  Is there any chance the poor daughter knows her parents did this?  Are they just going to, like, leave the resumes fanned out on her childhood desk for her to find?  I cannot lie, I am tempted to write these people.  But surely whatever I’d find out would either be boring or something I didn’t really like knowing.

Also, isn’t “occupants of Zuccotti Park need not apply” a political test?



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4 thoughts on “Intrigue in the Harvard personals

  1. Yemon Choi says:

    No, it’s a test of good breeding.

  2. Yemon Choi says:

    Argh, WordPress ate my pseudocode. I meant to type

    <sarcasm>No, it’s a test of good breeding.</sarcasm>

  3. cl says:

    My friend was telling me about how his grandparents were writing universities in China with a list of criteria for potential granddaughter-in-law. He had no idea this was happening.

    So yeah, I believe it’s real.

  4. Ruthi says:

    I’m going to vote for fake, partially because I took a look at the address and I’m not sure how not to take it as tongue-in-cheek.

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