America has spoken: Wisconsin is better than Minnesota or Illinois

So says an immensely enjoyable PPP poll, which collected approval/disapproval numbers for all 50 states.   Thanks to Steve Burt for pointing this out to me.  Here’s the full data set with crosstabs.  Great stuff here!  Young people are much more anti-Florida than is the nation as a whole.  Nevada is rejected by “very liberals” and “very conservatives” but applauded by the middle.  Everyone, whatever their politics, slightly dislikes New Jersey.

Seems an appropriate time to listen to John Linnell’s “Oregon (Is Bad)” from the ultra-classic State Songs LP.  Though Americans in fact believe that Oregon is good, by a margin of 43-14.


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5 thoughts on “America has spoken: Wisconsin is better than Minnesota or Illinois

  1. That is a very interesting poll. Having lived in both, I find it surprising that the least most popular states are IL and CA. Illinois is a defensible choice, I admit, though essentially the state consists of Chicago, which I would have thought was a fairly popular city. But CA at the absolute bottom? Apparently, it’s mostly a partisan thing; Republicans hate, hate, hate CA…

  2. Frank says:

    Isn’t Illinois notorious for having something like four living ex-governors in prison? Or something like that?

  3. True about the governors, though I think one is in prison for crimes committed after his term in office.

  4. Jeff says:

    Their prison system just has a group rate for governors.

  5. […] polling firm.  (They’re the outfit that did the “is your state hot or not” poll I blogged about last week.)  PPP has made available the raw responses from 46 polls with 1000 responses each, conducted more […]

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