Experts agree — Meese is a pig

Going through old things, found this T-shirt, sure to spur memories for anyone who lived in greater DC in the late 80s:

Ed Meese was the Attorney General when I was a kid.  I’m sure my political consciousness was not sufficiently developed at this point to have had an authentic opinion about Ed Meese.  But like any warm-blooded kid I had a taste for the safely transgressive.  Something I didn’t know at the time, and which maybe wasn’t publicly known at the time:  the “Meese Is A Pig” posters and T-shirts were made by Jeff Nelson of Dischord Records.

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2 thoughts on “Experts agree — Meese is a pig

  1. accommodatingly says:

    Jeff Nelson supervised their distribution, but did he do all the graphic design? I remember encountering and believing the hypothesis that Haley Gordon, GDS ’88, had created the silkscreen pattern on the T-shirts. She certainly had the graphic design skills.

  2. katyasite says:

    Where can i get a print of this? or a tshirt. Thanks!

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