“They’ve been there before”

Remember yesterday, when I was talking about the inglorious end of the Orioles 1997 season, when I reflected that sometimes the best team in the league faces a win-or-go-home playoff game, and they’ve got a legitimate ace on the mound who pitches a brilliant game, and yet … they lose?

Well, it happened to the Rangers last night.  I’ve never watched Yu Darvish before, but jeez.  A couple of times I was pretty sure I actually heard the baseball utter the word “Psych!” as it jerked away from an Oriole’s helpless swing.

Anyway:  the Orioles move on to the ALDS against the Yankees.  New York’s “playoff experience” will no doubt be made much of.  Here’s the number of career playoff games, prior to last night, for the O’s postseason lineup:

Nate McLouth 3

J.J. Hardy 7

Chris Davis 0

Adam Jones 0

Matt Wieters 0

Jim Thome 67

Mark Reynolds 7

Ryan Flaherty 0

Manny Machado 0

They haven’t been there before.  Will it hurt them?  It didn’t keep the Orioles from beating Darvish, and I don’t think it’ll keep them from beating the Yankees, either.





5 thoughts on ““They’ve been there before”

  1. Johan says:

    They’ll be fine. It always seems to me there is a higher frequency of bizarre plays and errors in playoff games, but I haven’t been able to find stats though. It may have to do with louder crowds and players being more pumped up. Said that way it is at least conceivable that experience helps in a situation like that. But it isn’t going to be a factor every single time.

  2. JSE says:

    Sure, there are more errors in the postseason on average, but that’s just because Derek Jeter is in the playoffs every year.

  3. berseliusx says:

    To be fair to Jeter, it’s tough to score an error on a play that a player never reached in the first place.

  4. As someone with a weak allegiance to Bay area teams (and a dislike of the Yankees) it has not been the most auspicious start to the postseason.

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