Madison pastrami report, sadly brief

Stalzy’s is a new east-side deli that makes its deli meats in-house.  Stalzy’s pastrami is very good, but is not exactly pastrami.  It is, instead, what someone very skilled at making barbecue would make if someone gave them a recipe for pastrami.

Gotham Bagels remains the only real pastrami option, but I’m pretty sure they sell only by the sandwich, not by the pound.  Update:  Ben Tillman, in the comments, corrects me — Gotham does sell pastrami a la carte, at $18/lb.  So that’s next Passover taken care of.

Do not I repeat do not go to Ella’s.

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5 thoughts on “Madison pastrami report, sadly brief

  1. Richard Séguin says:

    I actually miss the Ella’s on State St, now long gone and ancient history, when it was run by the original owners. I’m not a pastrami expert though so I can’t attest to its quality there. I went to the new location on E Washington once a long time ago and haven’t been back. I don’t know if that’s because of the quality of the food or the—ah—unusual décor. (I also miss Madison Masala where the Overture Center is now standing).

  2. Ben says:

    According to their menu (, their pastrami is $18/pound.

  3. Timmy says:

    Stalzy’s is very good, Gotham is goodish. Ella’s is a pre-packaged nightmare. We basically agree though I give more credit to Stalzy’s.

  4. nichole says:

    Do you know, does the Blowin’ Smoke cart still make pastrami?

  5. Dave says:

    I had Stalzy’s pastrami today and I’m not sure what it was. It was garbage. Seriously. It tasted like salt. That is all I could taste. I’m not sure if they goofed something today or what, but it seriously was like someone poured a bag (not shaker, but a full BAG) of salt on it. It was that bad. Not sure what they did wrong or if that’s how it always is–I can’t believe it would be like this.

    I’ve had Pastrami from ANYWHERE that I can try–Jake’s in Milwaukee is some of the best. Stalzy’s was amateur crap to say the least.

    Get to Jake’s in Milwaukee. You won’t be disappointed. They have opened a new location also and are also at the State Fair and Zoo Ala Carte. I’m salavating thikning about it. Today at Stalzy’s I just got a headache. Aside from it tasting like crap, it wasn’t tender at all.

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