AB notes June 2013

  • Last night AB requested for her bedtime songs “America The Beautiful” (“the mountain song”) and “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat” (“the boat song.”)  This makes me feel her musical taste is developing appropriately.  If I remember correctly, CJ’s go-to bedtime songs at the same age were “Here Comes Your Man” and “New York, New York.”
  • For a while, AB has been using “they” in the objective, as in “I want to see they.”  Now this has spread to “he” and “she” as well.  Also, she substitutes “to” for “for” in constructions like “save it to me” and “wait to me.”  That makes sense, actually — what’s the explanation, if any, for “give it to me” vs. “save it for me”?
  • After we went to the Brewers game she told me she wants to be a baseball player when she grows up. 

3 thoughts on “AB notes June 2013

  1. byesac says:

    Not a Brewer’s player, I hope.

  2. Yiftach says:

    Any chance her first language is Hebrew? We Israelis tend to confused to and for quite a lot.

  3. NDE says:

    Indeed in Hebrew “to me” and “for me” both translate to LI in these sentences, though in other contexts “to me” might become ELAI (the EL being the same as in EL AL = to high up, i.e. skywards).

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