Sorry, I already submitted to the Journal of Surjections

Max Lieblich found the following magnificent specimen of article solicitation spam:

Submit a Paper
Special Issue on
“Homomorphism Research”
Dear Dr. ,

It is truly our honor to reach you for our upcoming Special Issue on “Homomorphism Research”, which will be published in the “Advances in Pure Mathematics” (APM, ISSN: 2160-0384), a peer-reviewed open access journal. We cordially invite you to submit your manuscript to this special issue through our Paper Submission Sytem (see above link).
Aims & Scope (not limited to the following fields)

• Homomorphism
• Isomorphism
• Epimorphism
• Monomorphism
• Endomorphism
• Automorphism

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8 thoughts on “Sorry, I already submitted to the Journal of Surjections

  1. Sean Lawton says:

    I got this one too. It was a new low, which I found hard to imagine.

  2. PLL says:

    I’m now trying to imagine legitimate papers/results that could be suitable for such a journal. Surely there must be some!

  3. John Baez says:

    The bastards left out ‘morphism’. Yet again, category theorists are left out in the cold.

  4. Johan says:

    I’m just jealous you guys got solicited and I didn’t.

  5. NDE says:

    At least they knew not to include mesomorphism and ectomorphism alongside endomorphism.

  6. Sometimes I read my Spam folder and these guys make my day then. I get a lot of spam _exactly_ from them. The only question I have here: do they really make considerable money with this?

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