Words that appear exactly 25 times in How Not To Be Wrong

15,18,20, along, Baltimore, calculus, check, completely, drawing, early, economic, else, extra, feel, geometric, holes, John, known, lead, nature, obvious, outcome, particular, pay, precise, principle, share, sphere, student, thus, wanted.

Sounds good, right?


3 thoughts on “Words that appear exactly 25 times in How Not To Be Wrong

  1. NDE says:

    icosapentakis legomena.

  2. Hey, do you have a computer program that can count the words? Cos if not, it would take a lot of work to compile that list!

  3. JSE says:

    Michael Rubinstein explained to me how to do this from the command line: save as text and then

    cat HNTBWwholebook.txt | tr -d [:punct:] | tr [:upper:] [:lower:] | tr -d ‘\r’ |tr ‘ ‘ ‘\n’ |sort |uniq -c |sort -n > HNTBWwordfreq

    What I really wanted to do was to get a list of “words more common in my book than in the ambient corpus” so that I could check for words I use too frequently, as a tic, but that was harder — and anyway I realize now from looking at the overall list that the “unusually common words” list would be dominated by math words and words referring to specific topics I cover in the book.

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