Czerwone Gitary, the Polish Beatles

One good thing about flying LOT home from Israel (Chicago and Tel Aviv both have a lot of people of Polish descent, thus you can get from one to the other via Warsaw) is that you can learn a lot about rock in Polish from listening to the seatback audio.  How had I gone my whole life without hearing Czerwone Gitary, the “Polish Beatles”?

Here’s “Nie zadzieraj nosa”

and “To Właśnie My”


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3 thoughts on “Czerwone Gitary, the Polish Beatles

  1. GM Hurley says:

    Many thanks for these videos!

    I can’t help feeling, though, that while these guys could go head to head with the Beatles of 1964, the real test would be what they were doing four years later. I shall have to see if I can find out. . . .

  2. David Dynerman says:


    For some reason Czerwone Gitary always makes me think of Elektryczne Gitary. Probably just because the names are slightly similar. The later is a band from the 90s with much sillier lyrics. Sort of a ska-influenced less ironic Weird Al.

  3. David Dynerman says:

    The link I meant to post was:

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