New How Not To Be Wrong web presence

I’ve put up a web page for How Not To Be Wrong; the reason it looks good is that I was smart enough to hire Will Amato instead of trying to do it myself.  It goes THWOCK!  But if you look at it on a phone you won’t get to hear it go thwock because thwock is Flash.

If you think static web pages are dead and believe in the glorious social future, go like my author page on Facebook, and you’ll get news about reviews, events, media, etc.




3 thoughts on “New How Not To Be Wrong web presence

  1. II will be so thoroughly old-fashioned that I will interact with the book only by means of the actual physical object with pages…

  2. JSE says:

    Hey, that’s my primary book-reading mechanism too. It’ll be interesting to see how this book looks on an e-reader! There are lots of drawings…

  3. Dave Hansen says:

    More like a THUP!

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