We are all Brian Conrad now

The quality of streaming conference talks has improved a ton, to the point where it’s now really worthwhile to watch them, albeit not the same as being there.  Our graduate students and I have been getting together and watching some of the talks from the soiree of the season, the MSRI perfectoid spaces conference.  This has been great and I highly recommend it.

One good thing about watching at home is that you can stop the stream whenever anybody has a question, or whenever you want to expand on a point made by the speaker!  We usually spend 90-100 minutes to watch an hour talk.  One amusing phenomenon:  when we have a question or don’t understand something, we stop and talk it out.  Then, when we start the stream again, we usually see that the speaker has also stopped, because someone in the audience has asked the same question.  This is very reassuring to the graduate students!  What’s confusing to us is invariably also confusing to someone else, even to Brian Conrad, because we decided to always presume that the unseen, unheard questioner was Brian, which is pretty safe, right?  (One time we could sort of hear the question and I’m pretty sure it was Akshay, though.)

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6 thoughts on “We are all Brian Conrad now

  1. DS says:

    I don’t remember seeing Akshay at the conference. Brian, Jay, Richard, Arthur Ogus, and Andrew Obus probably account for a majority of the questions that were asked.

  2. NDE says:

    Ogus *and* Obus! This would get confusing except that they don’t look anything like each other.

  3. Andrew Obus says:

    I haven’t even met Ogus, but maybe I should work on my resemblance just for the confusion benefit…

  4. KCd says:

    It’ll be nice to have more people confused for him…

  5. The setup for recording talks in Banff is the only one I’ve encountered where you can usually make out the audience questions (both the content and who is asking it). I don’t know how they did it, but the microphone setup is such that the presenter doesn’t even have to wear one of those wireless mics.

  6. BConrad says:

    Jordan, you’re not going to believe this, but since you’d told me before the workshop that you were planning to watch the videos afterwards, often when I interrupted a speaker with a question I would think to myself “I hope the lack of an audio feed from the audience won’t make this too bizarre-looking to Jordan later”. Glad to hear that the Q&A interactions on the videos turned out fine in the end. It was indeed a great workshop!

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