Math Bracket 2014

It’s that time of year again!  Presenting the 2014 math bracket.  School with the best math department wins every game.  As always, all rulings were made by a group, so don’t yell at me if your department loses to one you consider worse.  Also, this year the bracket team was entirely number theorists, so the rankings are no doubt biased to overweight the people we know.  (Previously:  Math Bracket 2013.)


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11 thoughts on “Math Bracket 2014

  1. Hah! Took me a minute to realize what you meant by overweight. (over-weight?)

    As written I instantly think of corpulent mathematicians. Admittedly, my careless brain skips a short but important common English word.

  2. Jim Stankewicz says:

    As a UConn grad I’m OK with this.

  3. Dick Gross says:

    Very tough game against Stanford in the semis. They have some outstanding young players on their roster. Hope we can recruit some talented freshmen next year.

  4. Adam Merberg says:

    I hope that the “judge all aspects of a university by the strength of its math department” rule is the subject of a chapter in “How Not To Be Wrong.”

  5. dsherm91 says:

    I think there’s a flaw in your bracketology. Surely the better math department ought to be favored. But you have to pick some upsets!

  6. Brad Gile says:

    I don’t think a number 12 seed has ever gotten into the final four, let alone get championship! You will indeed have many upsets. :)

  7. Brad Gile says:

    Well, #12 Harvard won today! Good start.

  8. Mark Meckes says:

    According to LinguaFrance, this seems to be part of a shark-jumping exercise.

  9. Mark Meckes says:

    That should have been Lingua Franca. Freudian slip of the fingers, I guess, given my current sabbatical location.

  10. Dan Drake says:

    A similar bracket: choose winners based on the school’s NCAA Academic Progress Rate statistic:

    (Yikes! UW is out in the first round, even though we’re far in the upper right corner of this grid: )

  11. Madeline says:

    I was looking for this yesterday and hoping it existed. Glad to find it.

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