Reader survey: in what small way are you weird?

Lots of us are weird in big, noticeable ways, that’s for sure.  But I was looking the other day at a series of photographs of people’s fridges and I realized, you know what’s weird about me?  In a small, barely noticeable way?  I don’t have any beer in my fridge.  I never do.  In fact, I don’t really have any alcohol in the house of any kind.  Maybe a bottle of Trader Joe’s white wine I used a cup of for cooking at one point.  OK, I just looked and there’s a bottle of rum in the back of the cupboard.  Who knows where it came from or how long it’s been there?

It’s not that I don’t drink; I do.  But I don’t drink at home.  For me, beer is for drinking at bars, or at parties.  I would never sit and drink a beer and watch the ballgame, or drink a glass of wine with family dinner.  But I think this is actually slightly weird and almost all people have beer in the fridge.

Reader survey:  in what small way are you weird?

(Note:  this would make an excellent question for OKCathy!)




17 thoughts on “Reader survey: in what small way are you weird?

  1. KCd says:

    I too never have beer in my fridge.

  2. Shecky R says:

    I don’t like fiction, but more specifically, unlike all my science friends, I don’t like science fiction — never seen a single Star Trek or Star Wars movie nor have any interest in them (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” is the one exception; a film I did like).

  3. I hate fashion. I daydream of a world where everyone wears snuggies and muumuus 24/7.

  4. quasihumanist says:

    1) Maybe this isn’t a small way now, but I still don’t have a cell phone.

    2) I don’t read books (of whatever kind) from beginning to end. Rather I tend to skip around, the way one might skip around a math book if you were looking for a couple theorems and some idea of their context. If it’s a good book, I’ll eventually read all of it, including the boring parts. Yes I agree a work of fiction is an ordered medium, unlike a painting, but I prefer to appreciate the order the way a Trafalmadorian would. (I wonder if this has anything to do with my musical training. Music is even more an ordered medium, but a classical musician has to concentrate on various details somewhat outside their context in order to get them right.)

  5. Mark Meckes says:

    I never have beer in my fridge. But I would hesitate to admit how many bottles of wine there usually are.

    I do have a cell phone (the cheapest available), but I have yet to understand why anybody would want a smart phone.

  6. My Pandora stations consist of classical music, classic rock, dubstep, and gangster rap.

  7. Jason Starr says:

    This thread reminds me of the cocktail game from “Changing Places” that escalates until one English professor admits he never read Hamlet, promptly losing his job. Having said that, I just drank the last beer in my fridge. So, for the moment, I too have no beer in the fridge (a temporary oddity).

  8. KCd says:

    Like Mark, I too have a dumbphone, but unlike Mark I understand why some people want a smart phone. For instance, it helps distract them from being educated in class.

  9. Michelle says:

    I bite my fingernails. Sure, lots of people bite their fingernails. Disgusting habit, I know.

    I also bite my toenails.

    (Not out in public or anything.)

  10. @Mark Meckes
    >but I have yet to understand why anybody would want a smart phone.
    I suspect you are not lacking in imagination but that you just wrote that as a provocation.

    Here are multiple reasons why I like my smart phone.

    Email, web, games, books, etc. Sometimes I find myself stuck at a place with nothing to do (e.g. the waiting room at the dentist’s, at a crappy lecture, right Keith?). I can choose to catch up with email or entertain myself. BTW re: books. I now almost exclusively read on my phone, no paper books or kindle.

    Maps. Many times I’ve used maps to get directions, find a restaurant, coffee shop, etc in an unfamiliar city.

    I have an app to remind myself of which floor of the parking garage I parked my car.

    Camera. Besides the obvious, I take pictures of information that I want to remember. Easier than taking notes. Also I can email a picture straight from the phone if I need to share it.

    Flashlight. Handy sometimes.

    Calculator. I even have Pari/GP on my phone and have used it a bunch of times, even while teaching.

    Weather app, Calendar app, immediate access to information.

    I’ve searched for reviews online while buying electronics and comparing models.

    Airline apps. I have gate, arrival, departure info right away for me or if I am picking someone up at the airport. I can check in and have the boarding pass on the phone. That, coupled with TSA pre-check means I can head straight to the gate.

    I have an app that displays a big digital clock and silences the phone. I always have it running when I lecture and I no longer wear a watch.

    Did you know you can point your phone’s camera to a piece of text in a foreign language and have it translate it for you?

  11. KCd says:

    Felipe, since I don’t have a smartphone I resort to doodling (if not working on something) during a dull lecture. Those art lessons in childhood continue to pay off.

  12. I can’t watch drama, unless it’s extremely artsy. Lost, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Scandal, Mad Men… zero entertainment value for me. But I’ve watched near-literally every dramedy and comedy on television.

  13. I guess one of the big ways you are wierd is that you enjoy looking at photos of people’s fridges?

    For about 20 years, I never owned a pair of jeans. I bought some a few years ago, and I think I’ve worn them twice. I have no idea how they could be comfortable.

  14. Not weird at all if one comes an Islamic background; I remember how weird I felt when I saw fridges with beer in – and I thought – Oh, I thought they only did that in movies…

  15. I don’t have alcohol in my house, but then I don’t drink it.

    I suppose I am odd in many small ways, but what else are a few small private oddities for but for keeping private?

  16. Scott says:

    The standard source of weird quirks ( was rather popular in 2008, but is fairly dormant now. The archive page is much easier to browse than the main site.

  17. Will says:

    I time the national anthem every time I hear it – I started in high school after reading one of John Feinstein’s books where he talked about someone doing the same – when I was an undergrad at UW, I had a spreadsheet with the times for all of the football/basketball/other sporting events that I attended (pretty much every home game in the early 90s).

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