HNTBW publicity roundup 3

On Wisconsin, the UW alumni magazine, ran a feature about the book by Jenny Price, which features of photo of me peering out of a transparent cube of drawings from the book:

More local stuff: I was interviewed on Madison’s WORT radio on Monday.

And more radio:  I went on Leonard Lopate’s show on NYC on Thursday.

Annie Murphy Paul, who’s writing a book about learning called Brilliant, interviewed me on her blog (crossposted to

And the newspaper reviews have started to come in!  First one is from the Guardian, by Alex Bellos, who has a new book of his own, called (in the US) The Grapes of Math.  I started reading it just before I left, and it looks great.  There are several places where he touches on things that show up in How Not To Be Wrong; but math is so roomy that in each case Bellos sets out in a different direction and tells a totally different story starting from the same mathematical idea.  Anyway, here’s Bellos’s review of How Not To Be Wrong.

Finally, I was somewhat denounced by the Cato Institute.  I’ll have a bit more to say about this one later…


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3 thoughts on “HNTBW publicity roundup 3

  1. Adam Merberg says:

    The Cato piece was baffling to me in that I didn’t find any defense of the post you were actually criticizing. The substance of his argument seemed to be that he had other work in which he employed nonlinear thinking. In other words, he wrote that post with the understanding that he was making a stupid argument, but we should forgive him because he knew it was rubbish.

  2. Tom Church says:

    most British sentence of the day: “he scored full marks in his maths Sats aged 12”.

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