Food I ate

Of course the really important thing about traveling isn’t seeing old friends or selling books, it’s eating things you can’t eat at home.  So here’s my list of some notable things I ate.

The Koji Uehara burger at Mr. Bartley’s.  A new one, very good.  With onion rings, of course.

Peking ravs at the Hong Kong. Traditional.

A double cheeseburger at Charlie’s Kitchen.

Big sub at the amazing Bub and Pop’s.

Green curry from Regional Thai, which 15 years ago was my favorite place to eat in Chelsea (maybe tied with Rocking Horse Cafe.)  Still good.

A crottin, taken to go at Murray’s Cheese Shop and eaten while walking.

Schnitzel and bright-pink Berliner Weissbier at Lederhosen deep in the West Village.

My Ferry Terminal usual:  salami cone from Boccalone and mac and cheese at the Cowgirl Sidekick.  This mac and cheese possibly my national favorite apart from the one at Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too, which was farther uptown than I got this NYC swing.  (This also explains why no belly lox this time.  Though now that I think of is, this could have been my chance to try Russ and Daughters.)

I’m over Mission burritos.  Sorry.  So this time I had Mission pierogi at Stuffed.  Dumb name, decent pierogi, but surprisingly awesome sauerkraut, more like halbsauerkraut with a jolt of I think caraway?  My recommendation: just buy their sauerkraut, buy a taco somewhere else, put the sauerkraut on the taco, resell it at your popup fusion cart.  Become wealthy beyond human ability to imagine.

BBQ sampler, including kalua pig, from the 808 Grinds Hawaiian cart in Portland’s city of food carts.  The fried chicken, surprisingly, was the standout.  But if it doesn’t move, Portland, it’s not a cart.  You must accept this, Portland.  You’ll feel better when you do.

Four-chowder sampler at Pike Place Chowder.  Long line?  Tourists?  Yes and yes (though shorter lines, and fewer tourists, than at the Original Starbucks down the block.)  But really, really good chowder.  And eating chowders in a flight formation is, I think, the right way.

Terrific black fideus at Aragona.






5 thoughts on “Food I ate

  1. Ken Ribet says:

    You’re over Mission burritos? Have you seen ? Next up for me will be La Taqueria on Mission.

  2. JSE says:

    I love Nate, as you know, but I think he’s given in too easily to the conventional wisdom of Bay Area burrito supremacy. (And even within the Bay Area, I have never eaten any burrito in the Mission that’s clearly better than what I get at Picante in Berkeley, and I’ve eaten plenty of burritos in the Mission.)

  3. LEDERHOSEN!!!!! Jawohl!

  4. I’ve copped heat for this expressing this sentiment on this blog before, but going to Bartley’s when Craigie on Main (only one mile away) has the best burger I’ve ever tasted is a crime. (admittedly, it’s not quite as convenient to the Harvard book store…)

  5. JSE says:

    Have you said this before? Somebody else complained about my Bartley’s fixation and repped for O’Sullivans on Beacon, which I like but it’s not the same. But I haven’t tried Craigie’s and will! I’ll just pretend you advised me to swap out Charlie’s Kitchen instead of Bartley’s.

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