Elliott Bay and TGK

One final note about the book tour — Elliot Bay Book Company, who handled sales at my talk in Seattle, won a special place in my heart forever, because not only did they have lots of copies of How Not To Be Wrong, they also brought along a small stack of The Grasshopper King!  And they even sold a couple.  Nice to see that little green paperback again.

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2 thoughts on “Elliott Bay and TGK

  1. Richard Séguin says:

    The Grasshopper King showed up a few days ago in an email of book suggestions that I received from Amazon.

  2. Nick Addington says:

    Is there any chance you’ll do an interview with Terry Gross? That would take the cake. I remember driving around one day in grad school listening to her and realizing to my chagrin that I’d probably never do anything that would get me on her show. Doing it vicariously through you is probably the closest I’m going to get.

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