Where are people buying How Not To Be Wrong?

Amazon Author Central shows you Bookscan sales for your books broken down by metropolitan statistical area.  (BookScan tracks most hardcover sales, but not e-book sales.)  This allows me to see which MSAs are buying the most and fewest copies, per capita, of How Not To Be Wrong.  Unsurprisingly, Madison has by far the highest number of copies of HNTBW per person.  But Burlington, VT is not far behind!  Then there’s a big drop, until you get down to DC, SF, Boston, and Seattle, each of which still bought more than twice as many copies per person as the median MSA.

Where do people not want the book?  Lowest sales per capita are in Miami.  They also have little use for me in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston.  Note that for reasons of time I only looked at the 30 MSAs that sold the most copies of the book; going farther down that list, there are more pretty big cities where the book is unpopular, like Tampa, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Orlando.

It would be interesting to compare the sales figures, not to population, but to overall hardcover book sales.  But I couldn’t find this information broken down by city.


8 thoughts on “Where are people buying How Not To Be Wrong?

  1. Nichole says:

    Neat! I wonder if there’s a way to mine library holdings data for similar effect.

  2. asjoegren says:

    What are the stats like outside the US? Small enough for my copy in Copenhagen (Denmark) to show up? :-)

  3. I got my copy from a non-Amazon swiss online bookseller; a few days later, I could have had it physically from the central table at “Shakespeare & Co.” in Paris…

  4. Marko says:

    Jordan, how do you feel about Amazon vs small libraries selling your book, in context of, e.g., http://mathbabe.org/2014/05/30/i-am-boycotting-amazon/ , or even Kindle vs hardcopy? I was intending on getting the book at Mystery To Me, but I was leaving for a vacation and ended up ordering w Amazon to have one less trip to make to West Side…

  5. JSE says:

    Relevant data point: per Twitter Analytics, the top 5 cities for my Twitter followers are New York, Madison, SF, DC, Boston, in that order. These make up 30% of my Twitter followers in all. Would be interesting to see this against the background of overall Twitter use by city.

  6. JSE says:

    asjoegren: I don’t see international stats, unfortunately! But I imagine they’re quite small compared to US sales.

  7. Tom Church says:

    How does this correlate with which cities you held readings + book signings in?

  8. JSE says:

    Hard to say — after all, they sent me to places like SF and Boston where they might reasonably have expected sales to be high anyway!

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