There’s no sick burn like a sick barista burn

I bought today’s State Journal at Victor Allen’s.

Barista:  Newspaper.  Victor Allen’s.

Me:  What?

Barista:  We were talking about how maybe we could draw a younger, more college-age crowd if we got people to post that they were here on Instagram, so like if you bought a newspaper you’d take a picture and caption it “Newspaper.  Victor Allen’s.”

Me:  Sorry, I’m in the old category, I don’t use Instagram.

Barista:  Maybe you could post it on your Myspace.

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5 thoughts on “There’s no sick burn like a sick barista burn

  1. Or you could take a selfie reading the newspaper and post it on Facebook. I’m so out of it that I had to look up barista. The setting wasn’t quite right for a barrister.

  2. Kevin says:

    WordPress is kind of like adult MySpace?

  3. Richard Séguin says:

    Keven: No, I think he’s suffered his first “gramps moment.” At first it only happens now and then, but eventually …

  4. Joshua says:

    If this were a Ryan North universe, the barista would be Jordan’s younger self, having been gifted a time-travel device by his older self, presumably for the purposes of reminding his current self to keep up with the technology of the …times. For reference, see: Dinosaur Comics 2789

  5. JSE says:

    I like the cut of your jib.

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