Math Bracket 2015

March Math Madness is here!  Presenting the 2015 math bracket, as usual prepared by our crack team of handicappers here at the UW math department.  As always, remember that the math bracket is for entertainment purposes only and you should not take offense if the group rated your department lower than the plainly inferior department that knocked you out.  Under no circumstances should you use the math bracket to decide where to go to grad school.

Math Bracket 2015-page-0Lots of tough choices this year!


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2 thoughts on “Math Bracket 2015

  1. Dick Gross says:

    Amazing that you picked Harvard over Wisconsin. Maybe UNC or Arkansas, but Wisconsin?

  2. Vince says:

    The seventh seeded “Michigan…” that makes it to the final four (in Math and in basketball, the only such university!) is of course Michigan State University. Someone looking at the bracket quickly might think it’s that other university located somewhere southeast of East Lansing!

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