The greatest Royal/Met

A while ago I wrote a little Python code that used career data from Baseball-Reference Play Index (the best $36/year a number-loving baseball fan can spend) to answer the question:  given a pair of teams, which player contributed the most to both teams?  My metric for this is

(WAR for team 1 * WAR for team 2)

in order to privilege players who balanced their contributions to both teams.

So who was the greatest Royal/Met?  In retrospect, this should have been obvious.  How many of the top 5 can you guess?

  1. Carlos Beltran (777.1)
  2. Bret Saberhagen (473.3)
  3. David Cone (271.1)
  4. Kevin Appier (165.6)
  5. Kevin McReynolds (29.8)
  6. Rick Reed (24.8)
  7. Gregg Jefferies (13.4)

According to b-ref, there are actually only 24 players in major league history who have played for both the Royals and the Mets.  If anybody can name 5 not on this list I’ll be truly impressed.

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3 thoughts on “The greatest Royal/Met

  1. byesac says:

    One is Jose Lima. But I looked it up yesterday.

  2. […] question.  Which player in baseball history was the best combined Cub/Indian?  My methodology, as it was last year, is to draw the top 200 position players and pitchers from each team by Wins Above Replacement, […]

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