Obscure novels that are great

I was thinking about the amazing and barely read here TRIOMF, by Marlene van Niekerk, and asked on Twitter:  what are novels you think are truly great and which nobody knows about?  Like, say, less than 10 Amazon reviews, to use an imperfect measure?

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3 thoughts on “Obscure novels that are great

  1. Danny Calegari says:

    `Cigarettes’ by Harry Mathews seems to have only 7 Amazon reviews (hard to tell – there are multiple editions listed, most with no reviews); but I would have said he was a “well-known” author, and guess that this was his best-known work. Is it really true that `nobody knows about’ it? Maybe there is `obscure’ and `Amazon-obscure’ (then there’s `Jude the obscure’, with 223 reviews . . .)

  2. I know @octonion! He is my Twitter friend. I am not too impressed with “Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece”. It seems obscure for good reason. “Jude the Obscure”, however, is quite a different story, and but as Danny said, it has 223 reviews on Amazon, which is decent.

  3. Thomas says:

    A great blog on such themes which I enjoy very much: http://neglectedbooks.com/

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