Math bracket 2016

It’s that time again — March Math Madness, where we fill out an NCAA men’s tournament bracket with the best math department winning every game.  As always, this bracket was filled out by a highly trained team consisting of myself and a group of procrastinating grad students, making decisions by voice vote, and if you disapprove of one of our choices, I’m sure it’s somebody else’s fault.  This is Berkeley’s first championship after falling to Harvard in 2012; meanwhile, Michigan sees its second final in three years but falls short again…

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16 Mar 10.51.PM

Update: In the 34th percentile at ESPN after one day of play — thanks, Yale!

Update:  Down to the 5th percentile and only Duke and UVa are left out of my final 8 picks.  Not gonna be the math bracket’s finest year.

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5 thoughts on “Math bracket 2016

  1. Bruce Reznick says:

    I used to do this for bowl games. I managed to get tickets to the 1984 Rose Bowl Game between Illinois and UCLA. At that point, they were tied in the math department rankings! UCLA won the game 45-9. That was the game where a famous prank led the scoreboard to read “Caltech 38, MIT 3” at one point. (Memory enhanced by wikipedia.)

  2. Nick Addington says:

    Clearly you’ve failed to take into account the fact that I just moved from Duke to Oregon…

  3. mamapointer says:

    Bruce-I was there, too. Caltech hacked the scoreboard and beavers were running across it. As an Illinois fan, I was happy for the diversion!

  4. David Scott says:

    I am reading “How Not to be Wrong” (and enjoying it). I can’t help thinking about your book, every free throw attempt.

  5. NDE says:

    Meanwhile the Chronicle of Higher Education has an “Ides of March Madness” cartoon, similar to but using only Caesar, Brutus, and contemporaries.

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