Songs: Ramrao Parsatwar, EEK, Dick Diver

A couple of songs I want to remember I like.

“Jaltarang” is an old record by Ramrao Parsatwar.  The jaltarang is a percussion instrument consisting of bowls partially filled with water.  This comes to me via radiooooo, which I heartily recommend.

Something about this instrumental reminds me of EEK’s amazing “Trinity,” — I don’t know what to say about this one except it comes from Egypt and  it sounds kind of like video game music but from a video game too fun to humanly play.

But as you know I mostly listen to square Anglophone guitar-based indie so here’s a gem in that vein, “Waste the Alphabet,” by Dick Diver, like the EEK track a 2015 release.  Vocals a little like John Vanderslice, bass that sounds like Athens, GA in 1982, sort of New Zealandy guitar (this is actually from Australia.)  Hits all my spots.


4 thoughts on “Songs: Ramrao Parsatwar, EEK, Dick Diver

  1. Jaltarang sounds amazing. So many melodies in there which have been used all over India in some form or the other. You might enjoy the following as well, which features some famous Indian classical musicians blending their music with with electric bass and guitar:

  2. Danny Calegari says:

    I liked Waste the Alphabet. Thanks for the find! But I have no idea what you mean by “New Zealandy guitar” (Neil Finn? The Swingers?)

  3. JSE says:

    I guess I mean Flying Nun stuff? The Chills,The Clean?

  4. Michael says:

    Have you heard of Eskimeaux?

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