Overfriendly balloon

A Mylar balloon I bought weeks ago for Dr. Mrs. Q’s birthday has been holding its helium astonishingly well, but has now lost enough that its density is almost exactly that of air.  It doesn’t hug the ceiling or the floor, but slowly traverses the room, carried by air currents too weak for me to feel, I guess.  And here’s the thing:  as I sit here working, it keeps — well — visiting me.  It’s kind of creepy, when it slowly floats into my peripheral vision and then taps me once or twice.  Hey.  Balloon here.  OK, moving on.  See you later.




6 thoughts on “Overfriendly balloon

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    It must be the strength of your convections …

  2. I used to enjoy weighing down one of those balloons by attaching a piece of cardboard to the string. The balloon would then stay in one place, with the cardboard lying on the ground. If I then gradually trimmed down the cardboard, I could get it to that neutral buoyancy state you describe.

    One morning I awoke startled to see the balloon hovering right next to my bed. I knew it had been downstairs the night before. This little silver space ship had somehow come up the stairs to visit me while I slept.

  3. Tyler Lawson says:

    We once had an Elmo-shaped balloon like that, and it lasted about a month. Elmo had a tendency to sneak up on someone in the armchair, so that the person across from them would see Elmo’s head slowly rise into view behind theirs. He had great timing.

  4. Drought says:

    We once had a balloon like that floating in the living room, until our fireplace chimney decided to gobble it up. After about a year, it had lost enough helium to make its way back to the fireplace.

  5. JSE says:

    I just bought two more similar balloons for my kids’ birthdays so that’s basically going to be me sometime in the next month, Silas.

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