Are the 2016 Orioles the slowest team in baseball history?

The Orioles are last in the AL in stolen bases, with 17.  They also have the fewest times caught stealing, with 11; they’re so slow they’re not even trying to run.

But here’s the thing that really jumps out at you.  With just 17 games to play, the Orioles have 6 triples on the season.  And this is a team with power, a team that hits the ball to the deep outfield a lot.  Six triples.  You know what the record is for the fewest triples ever recorded by a team?  11.  By the 1998 Orioles.  This year’s team is like the 1998 squad without the speed machine that was 34-year-old Brady Anderson.   They are going to set a fewest-triples record that may never be broken.


One thought on “Are the 2016 Orioles the slowest team in baseball history?

  1. dsherm91 says:

    According to Fangraphs, the only team in major league history with a lower “speed score” than the 2016 Orioles is the 1953 St. Louis Browns (in their last year before moving to Baltimore). The Browns stole, go figure, 17 bases on the way to losing 100 games and finishing last in the AL. They were also caught stealing 34 times (yikes!). So the Orioles are possibly the slowest non-terrible team ever.

    (Fangraphs also has a stat called “ultimate baserunning,” which is meant to measure one’s total impact on the basepaths. But “speed score” is available farther back in time. Moreover, the Orioles are middle-of-the-pack in UBR, probably due to their self-awareness.)

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