Why did Terrill Thomas die of thirst?

Nobody decided to kill Terrill Thomas.  He kept flooding his cell at the Milwaukee County Jail and making a mess so they just turned off the water to his cell.  Then they left it off until he was dead.  It took six days.  Fellow inmates say he was calling out for water.  Corrections officers say they checked in on Thomas every half hour, and “he had made some type of noise or movement” every time.  Until the last time, when he didn’t make any type of noise or movement because he’d died of thirst.

How did this happen?  It didn’t happen because David Clarke — the sheriff of Milwaukee County, and a top candidate to lead the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration — wanted to kill a prisoner in the most agonizing way imaginable.  What kind of psycho would want that?  I don’t think Sheriff Clarke wanted to kill a newborn baby either.  The baby was the fourth person to die in the jail since April.

These people died because nobody really seems to care what happens in the Milwaukee County Jail.  The medical services there are run by Armor Correctional Health Services, a company which oversees healthcare for 40,000 inmates in 8 states.  What are you saying about your priorities if you call your health care company “Armor”?

Armor’s glassdoor page doesn’t make it sound like a great place to work.  One employee writes:   “Stop being bean counters and start listening to your employees. We are asked to do too much: too many patients, too many intakes, not nearly enough staff to be in compliance with your own rules!”  Armor was sued by the state of New York this year over 12 inmates who died in the Nassau County Jail, including Daniel Pantera, who died of hypothermia in solitary confinement; they settled the suit last month for $350,000 and are barred for three years from bidding for contracts in the state.  Armor does get a very nice endorsement, though, from Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who says right on the front of their website, “Armor stands out as an exemplary model of what partnership in correctional health should look like.”  Bradshaw’s department was held liable this year for $22.4m in damages to Dontrell Stephens, and this summer settled for $550,000 against a former U.S. Marshall who said he was roughed up by deputies after stopping to help the victims of a traffic accident.

Here in Wisconsin, Armor’s performance is overseen by Ronald Shansky, a court-appointed monitor and the first president of the Society of Correctional Physicians.  Some of what Shansky has to say, based on his visit to Milwaukee County correctional facilities last month:


As for the deaths:


Shansky also, I should say, has a lot of praise for some staff members at the jail, characterizing them as devoted to their jobs and patients and doing the best they can under strained circumstances.  And I believe that’s true.  Again:  the doctors of Armor didn’t want Terrill Thomas to spend six days dying of thirst.  Neither did the CEO of Armor.  Neither did David Clarke.  But it happened.  And everyone participated in creating the circumstances under which it happened, and under which it’s likely to happen again:  public services outsourced to companies without the staff or resources to do the job right.

It starts with jails.  But it goes on to schools, to parking, to Medicare, to policing, to the maintenance of our bridges and roads.  You’ll hear people say those services should be run like businesses.  We can see in Milwaukee County what that looks like.  Does it look good?

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6 thoughts on “Why did Terrill Thomas die of thirst?

  1. victor says:

    There are lots of similar issues in prisons run by the government in other countries. I don’t think the fact that it is run like a business has anything to do with it. It’s just that when we outsource these services to private firms, we write terrible contracts, with very poor monitoring, and terrible goals which determine payment and continuation of the contract. If people dying of thirst isn’t enough to cancel your contract with damages, I don’t know what is.

    By the way, similar negligence is also found in the VA. For the same reasons. There is no direct accountability. And people are graded and rewarded for the wrong performance measures.

  2. sniffnoy says:

    The final comparison doesn’t make a lot of sense. Running prisons “like businesses” makes no sense because the incentives are all wrong. A business is incentivized to serve its customers well because they provide the money and (assuming a competitive market) they can go elsewhere if they don’t like it. But a prisoner can’t choose to leave a bad prison; they’re not paying the prison for good service. So private prisons have little reason to avoid mistreating their prisoners. But these problems don’t apply to privately-provided services in general; there’s little reason to infer dysfunction in other areas from the (easily predictable) dysfunction of privately-run prisons, unless they’re also things being inflicted on people unwillingly rather than services that people voluntarily pay for.

  3. harrison says:

    I think this “argument” proves too much.

    “It starts with jails. But it goes on to supermarkets, to transportation, to hospitals, to the maintenance of our office buildings. You’ll hear people say those services should be run like businesses. We can see in Milwaukee County what that looks like. Does it look good?”

  4. dennis Woody/Powers says:

    “What About Darryl Woody!”  Darryl Woody death on January 3 ,2011 was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation. His death was caught on electronic surveillance (Video). Nassau County is hiding the truth! Darryl Woody’s death is a homicide that is being covered-up by NCCC and NUMC and multiple corrupt law enforcement agencies that failed to adequately investigate the true cause of his death. Darryl Woody’s death is a homicide and the video surveillance will prove that. However, four six years NCCC and NUMC has been denying access to the government protected video files. First NCCC/NUMC claimed that there was no cameras in the suicide prevention ward at NUMC. When this account was proven false, NCCC and NUMC claimed that “yes” there are cameras but the video was recorded over 24hours after the death of Darryl Woody!  This constitutes a felony;tampering with government files and destroying evidence;obstruction! However,no county officials has been held accountable for this criminal offense or the continuing criminal enterprise that’s aiding and abetting the perpetrators of this improprieties. I have been in contact with your aid Mike Friccione for several months by multiple emails and telephone interviews addressing this matter to no avail. So now I am taking matters into my on hands to seek justice and full accountability. I don’t know if your are receiving my email (letters) so until I hear back from you (your office) I will continue to write to you the DOJ, The DA’s Office and the media in hopes that someone will stand for justice and ask “What About Darryl Woody!” Release The Video!  The trial date for Darryl Woody’s lawsuit has been moved two March or 2017 due to my attorney’s six-months suspension for violating his duties on other cases that involve a conflict of interest and mis-conduct. Darryl Woody’s Homicide is being covered-up from the federal government that conducted a federal probe regarding Darryl’s death to the judicial system that denies us access to the pertinent information that proves a cover-up.  Feel free to contact me at 301-326-0578,  Sincerely, Dennis Woody/Powers (Administrator)


  5. dennis Woody/Powers says:

    Nassau County’s Executive Ed Mangano’s request for NUMC to take interim care for inmates at NCCC is over looking the fact that NUMC is embroiled with it’s own troubles in regards to past Health-Care performances. Though right next door to the jail and convenient, NUMC has been the scene of many tragedies that resulted from the lack of proper medical care rendered by the medical staff and Doctors at NUMC’s Secure Prison Ward for Nassau inmates. Prior to the move to Armor-Health inmates have also died at NUMC before 2011 when the hospital lost it’s contract following Darryl Woody’s (Supposed) Suicide while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision in the psychiatric ward. NCCC blames the Medical Center. The hospital blame NCCC. Both hide the truth by cover-up the truth! Darryl Woody’s death ion January 3, 2011 is a suicide being covered-up as a homicide and Nassau County’s Enterprise Corrupt Racketeering Boss Edward Mangano along with Sheriff Michael J. Spasato conspired and colluded with the NUMC to hide truth falsifying records and tampering with evidence in a homicide investigation. Darryl Woody’s death was caught on video Surveillance Cameras that was implemented by the Federal Government in response to the 1999 beating death of Thomas Pizzuto. Thomas Pizzuto was beaten and stomped to death by killer guards at NCCC because Pizzuto wouldn’t stop asking for his medication. Former county executive responding to the DA’s orders had the Video Surveillance Cameras installed at NCCC to aid in investigation and to help fight lawsuits made by inmates against guards at the jail. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 was recorded NCCC and NUMC. Although both blame the other for the responsibility of Darryl’s death neither NUMC or NCCC present the damning evidence in a collaborate well orchestrated system-wide conspiracy to protect the jail from Federal Over-site as the jail is in gross violation of the Consent Decree compelling NCCC to comply with the Terms Of Agreement Policy. Nassau County is not being forthcoming about what led to Darryl Woody’s death. The jail and the hospital refuse to release the Government Protected (Electronic)Video Camera Surveillance Fles to the public. This Scandal can only be the handy work of a corrupt administration and numerous corrupt law-enforcement agencies and collaborators in the legislation who all approved the funding and that overseen the installment of the in-effective tax-payers purchased $2 million dollar Camera Surveillance System that fails to do the job that their required to do_surveillance! Darryl Woody, like Thomas Pizzuto was also demanding his prescribed medications when he too was abused and brutalized by guards using excessive amount of force and pepper gas to extract him from his cell. days later on January 3, 2011 Darryl Woody was said to be found dead of an apparent suicide. This is far from the truth! The Federal Government forced NCCC to implement he Cameras yet a government probe of the jail for four inmate deaths by hanging in one year between January 3, 2011 when Eamon McGinn was said to have hung himself in his cell and Darryl Woody’s occurring one year to the day as Eamon McGinn. How did the Federal Government, who installed the cameras, fail to review the Video Files depicting the treatment, torment and subsequent homicide of a pre-trial detainee with mental and medical evaluations for 1to1 suicide supervision? So here you have A corrupt Racketeering ‘Boss’ Mangano, once again, calling in corrupt favors from his former fraudsters at NUMC, knowing that he is under Federal Indictment for corruption, and NUMC wants to join him on his sinking-ship campaign? This is the kiss of death by there Boss for the hospital. Even a rat knows to abandon a doomed ship! Mangano is toxic! Any one getting into bed with this Enterprising Corrupt Politician must owe this ‘Boss’ big favors. It’s time we call them out! Mangano’s corrupt and all of his appointees should be considered fruits of this poisoned administration. Co-conspirators, Co-defendants, and Co-Collaborators. NUMC, being high on the list of Mangano’s loyal crony appointees, is electing to be the ‘Bosses’ scape-goat in a failed policy for the privatization of Inmate Health-Care that led to disastrous circumstances for inmates. NUMC has it’s own history of failing to render adequate health-car treatment and diagnosis that resulted in several preventable deaths prior to 2011. Now Mangano and his crony henchman in the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Michael J. Spasato wants to change the staff but the dungeons remains the same. “Who’s Fooling Who?” When it comes to routing out corruption, Racketeering and Fraud you don’t re-enlist former cohorts that got the medical care situation at the jail n the predicament it’s in with Armor-HEAlth_reckless decision making and ignorance to Armors history of claims against the corporation. De ja vu. It looks like Mangano, and his soon to be Co-Defendant Spasto, is at it again with the kick backs from theses medical arrangements, support, and representation as demonstrated by the Sheriff’s un-wavering defense of Armor Correctional-Health. Inmates at NCCC need proper medical care that is delivered by a professional hospital. NUMC is most convent on the cover side, but more efficient at the Cover-up of medical malpractices and police brutality claims by failing to assess and treat prisoners that say they were beaten by police and correctional staff. Thomas Pizzuto’s case speaks volumes about NCCC and NUMC attempt to “Hide The Truth!” in his homicide. Pizzuto was seen by two doctors at NUMC. Both failed to diagnose his fatal injuries. Darryl Woody was demanding his medications like Pizzuto. He was also seen by two doctors at NUMC like Pizzuto but that’s where the similarities end! Darryl Woody didn’t get the forty federal agents investigating for him to seek justice. Darryl Woody got the Federal Government working against him perpetrating and facilitating a fraud! Darryl Woody didn’t get the benefits of the Video Surveillance Cameras ordered installed by the Feds and the DA’s office of NC.in response to Pizzuto’s execution for demanding his medication. Darryl Woody got the judicial system and two political party’s waging war against transparency and accountability in his case. The democratic party on the legislation panel know’s of the Video Surveillance Cameras and about the incident that caused Darryl’s Woody’s death, but here we are “six and a half years later” still waiting on this case to go to trial and for the truth to be realized. Darryl Woody’s death is A Homicide Caught on Video Surveillance Cameras! That truth is hidden from the public and Nassau County’s Top Executive Edward Mangano, Sheriff Michael J. Spasato, along with high ranking members in the legislature Norma Gonsalves.( Including the Sheriffs wife) Lying Liz, Elizabeth Loconsolo, and multiple law enforcement agencies are covering-up the Video Surveillance Evidence as though it doesn’t exist. Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. Where are the Feds? The Feds Know! “What About Darryl Woody!” ” We Can Handle The Truth! “Release The Video! ” Dean Hart From The Citizens for ‘Good Government Group’ supports the killers at NUMC and the compromised doctors that cover-up abuse at the jail. NUMC, like Armor Health should be well vetted to see if history precludes them from being eligible to even considered an interim partner of the ill-fated Boss Edward Mangano and his crony appointee Sheriff Spasato. He’s a liability and a fraud crisis waiting to happen!

  6. dennis Woody/Powers says:

    There’s two videos being hidden by law enforcement agencies from the 8th percent in Williston Pk Long IslandNew York. . These agencies, all the way up to the NYSCOC, are covering-up the truth. At first they claimed that there wasn’t any cameras on NCCC Secure Prison Ward. After that claim was proven deceptive they changed their story to: “There are cameras but the electronic video flies recorded over the incident 24 hours later!(?) The Homicide Squad investigated with-in 24 hours and not one of these law enforcement agencies, or Internal Affairs, including(former) Under-Sheriff(at the time in 2011) Michael J. Spasato. The (former) Under-Sheriff Sidney Head was promoted to the Commissions of Corrections in 2011 to serve on the NYSCOC_.How can all of these agencies including former high ranking veterans guards in the jail, including the administration employed to protect and serve, over-look this crucial video surveillance evidence.So much to say for due diligence. NUMC staff ‘all’ missed or failed to report or protect(or mention) the existence/destruction of the surveillance video(!) The Jail (NCCC) blames> the Hospital. (NUMC) blames> the jail_’both’ hide the video then conspire to obstruct justice by covering-up Darryl Woody’s homicide. Nassau County’s injudicious court proceedings are designed to suppress motions of discovery that violates Darryl Woody’s Civil Rights to Due Process as a pre- trial detainee. Suicide or Homicide_You Decide! Release The Video(s) NOW! ”Silent Screams” “What about Darryl Woody!” “The Cook did it!” And The old lady covered it up,while the council( his Wife_lied about it!
NCCC: Nassau,Corrupt,Conspiring,Cover-Up! NUMC: Nassau,Under-staffed,Malpractice,Center “Nobody Move Or the Cook Gets It!” Mr Dean Hart and The Citizens for Good Government _NUMC cannot be trusted until they can ‘Tell The Truth’ about the former mis-treatment and medical neglect which occurred there in the years prior to 2011 when Darryl Woody’s suspicious death Tell The Truth About it_ “Shut It Down!” Lonconsolo won’t admit to that fact! The Insurance Carriers Dropped NCCC coverage for the Secured Prison Ward at NUMC after Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 prior to Armors take over four months later in June of 2011. This indicts the overseers of the jail DOC, NYSCOC, Homicide Squad and Hospital Supervisory Board Members and the Risk Management Team At NUMC_who met for a previously scheduled board meeting on January 3, 2011(records show) the day of Darryl f Woody’s death. The Woody Family’s Attorney announced a Civil law-suit asking $140-million. Then the jail_and _ the hospital loses/destroys the video(s) How do you file a citizen’s complaint and arrest warrant with a Madams To Compel for the charge of tampering with government protected (electronic) files and falsifying records; a felony that carries up to seven years if found ‘by malicious intent.’ Deliberate destruction or even by omission is in violation of policies and procedures and should result in criminal prosecution. The Main officer involved was forced to resign; the other used the union’s bargaining agreement and powers to get re-assigned to his post after the maximum time for mis-conduct suspension had expired. The former president of the SHO”s Sheriff Officers Union who used one of the former CC Tilted Correctional Cook Michael J. Spasato’s frying-pan as a universal tennis racket to beat former mentally-retarded inmate (Thomas Donovan) while telling him to confess his sins, used the same bargaining agreement policies to re-secure his post at NCCC. That’s right $900,000 tax dollars in settlements later and the Gemelli is Back! “I’m BAACK!” and there’s nothing that the County’s legislators can do! The Sheriff’s Officer’s Union was established in1999. The year five officers were convicted the beating death of Thomas Pizzuto at NCCC. {a Thomas Donovan and a Thomas Pizzuto(?) It’s evident that The SHO’s Union_Presidents, don’t like the name Thomas} This Union was designed to make policies to keep officer’s from getting criminally charged or held responsible for excessive force complaints!. The SHO had two previous presidents indicted on charges. The other Union President was former Grievance Officer, turned rapist. Mark Barber who was indicted on 80 counts of sexual acts with female inmates.The Grievance Officer! The Feds left in 2005 then let this “Psychotic Institutional Serial Tree Jumper” in charge of the Inmates Complaints Department(!) Consent Decree!_The Feds Got Jokes! No NCCC’s on Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo a former Queens County prosecutor previously had a two cases over-turned on appeal for_YOU Guest It. Tampering with ‘Exculpatory Evidence’ in a child sexual molestation Court ordered proceeding. Elizabeth Loconsolo: The Mrs Joe Isusu of NCCC “She’s Lying again” Loconsolo Cost tax payers 2-million dollars in payments to the victim of her criminal persecution. This time for her (recently disclosed conflict of interest) husband; Nassau County’s Sheriff Michael J. Spasato, Mrs.”I won’t be able to answer that because of impending litigations and inmate privacy policies,” and we stand by our record of safety and bull-shit like that. Blah, blah, blah, When her statements should read: “I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I may incriminate myself. Then plead the fifth amendment…Then there’s her co-defendant (cheer-leader-in-charge) Captain Michael Gollio’s: ”We’re trying to make the jail the best it could be.” “All compliant of abuse will be thoroughly investigated by> Grievance officer Mark(80counts-tree jumping) Barber. The Sheriff’s Department Officer’s Union’s ‘Own’_President (Jack-The Raper Of Nassau County-Barber) “The County didn’t receive any complaints from the Justice Department from 2005-2009” Lying Loconsolo stated. Why was that Mrs Joe Isusu? ”Inquiring Minds Want To Know!” But I’ll take a stab at it once: Mr. 80 counts of sexual deviances, right under the Administration’s and the Fed’s noses, lurking in the female dorms; Grievance Officer> Heeaar’s Johnnie>Barber! He was installed to suppress the complaints ali-the-while lurking in the female galleries at the jail for drug dependent victims relying on there jailers. How did the feds turn their backs then leave the inmates under this guys care is beyond comprehension. It’s obvious and expected that abuse would occur once the former abusers felt departmentally insulated and protected by high ranking officers willing to perjure themselves to protect the Brother and Sister-Hood of the Fraternally Dis-oriented that re-inherited the jail once the Feds evacuate. That’s not bureaucracy that’s just evil by design…Systemic Abuse. Don’t count on the Feds:The Feds Know. The Feds are on the grounds of Nassau County Correctional Center Housing 100 Federal Prisoners in the violation plagued jail ran by an Enterprise Racketeering trio, selected by Corrupt County Executive Ed.Mangano, and operating with-in their plush gated community in Long Island. “The Cook Did-it!” “The Old Lady Cover-up for him.” And “His Wife (Mrs. Spasato) Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo (Council for NCCC)_Lies For Him!”. Trial Date set for April Of 2017 at The Supreme Courts in Mineola For LI’s Major Scandal and Collusion in the Malicious Motive Behind The Cover-Up of The Death of Darryl Woody. A Pre-detainee at NCCC in East Meadow New York. 

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