Reader poll: how many times have you worn a necktie?

This Fermi question is probably easy for some people:  I’m guessing there are some women for whom the answer is zero (am I right?), and some men whose necktie-wearing is dominated by “every day at work, 5 days a week, 50 days a year.”  For me it’s much harder.  I guess I’d say — three or four times a year, as an adult?  More when I was younger and went to more weddings.  I’m gonna estimate I’ve put on a tie 150 times in my life.

Followup question:  how many ties do you own?  I think I probably have about 8, but 5 are in the “will never wear again” category, and one of the 3 “sometimes wear” is the American flag tie I only wear on July 4.

Answer in comments!

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17 thoughts on “Reader poll: how many times have you worn a necktie?

  1. If you include high school, then at least 720 times (approximately). I’ve occasionally wanted to be one of those mathematicians (I’m thinking of Samit D and John V here) who dress both well and smart, but I think I like wearing shorts too much.

  2. Jon Awbrey says:

    Have about 40 ties from my working years, now gathering dust in my closet. Current donning limited to anniversary dinners, concerts, funerals, and weddings.

  3. For me, I’d guess 50 to 150 times. The most common cause was that I was on a job interview, though there was a period in late 2007 that I wore one semi-regularly for whatever reason. I think I own about 10 ties.

  4. I wear a tie or bow tie almost every day during the school year, and have been doing so for the past 10 years. I’ve now accumulated over 100 ties and at least 50 bow ties.

  5. TG says:

    Every day for school until I was 15, hardly ever since then. I’m not completely sure that I have any ties any more; I doubt I’ve worn one in 5+ years at this point. I don’t think I’ve even worn a shirt (rather than a t-shirt) for a couple of years.

  6. CRAIG L GJERDE says:

    13,000 times wearing a tire–6 days a week for 40 years plus other events Own 85 ties of varying widths Never wear 30 again Now retired, I wear a tie for church and a few other dress occasions.


  7. 1? I dressed up as W. for Halloween (with full head mask) in 2000. I can’t remember any other times (at the IMO the guys on my team were in ties, but I was asked to find a color-coordinating scarf).

  8. Edward Dunne says:

    Let’s see… wore a tie to school every Friday in 7th & 8th grades (about 76 days). Then wore a tie most days to high school. (The first week and last week were no tie weeks, as I recall – vaguely.) Typically it’s 180 days of school per year. So that is 4x(180-2×5)=160. I wore a tie to work pretty much every day when I worked in Germany. Subtracting off weekends and the many holidays, that’s probably another 300 days. Since then, I have mostly only worn ties to weddings, funerals, certain types of meetings, and random things I can’t remember: W+F+Mtgs+Rnd ~ 10 + 10 + 40+5(*). That’s a grand total of 76+160+300+65=601.

    Did I win anything?
    (*) The value for Rnd was obtained using

  9. Shecky R says:

    you hit a sore spot… despise ties… had to wear one everyday (except Sat.) at prep school eons ago; in 45+ yrs. since have worn one maybe 4 times (mostly funerals); otherwise remaining loyal to the 60s/70s dresscode… and requesting me to dress otherwise, is fightin’ words.

  10. voloch says:

    About 30-40 times, I guess. I think I have three ties.

  11. arundelo says:

    Roughly a thousand, mostly at a job where it was part of the dress code. I own three or four. (Used to be more but I culled five or ten the last time I moved.)

  12. Adam says:

    Less than 5 times in my life (~43 years), never in seriousness. I own 2 ties (one came with a “fun” suit from OppoSuits –

  13. Kevin says:

    I’ve probably worn a tie 1-5 times a year for the last 10-15 years, so let’s say 50 times ever.

    I currently own two ties.

  14. Richard Séguin says:

    I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve worn a tie since high school in the 60s. I was startled recently to find a forgotten photo of myself in high school descending the steps from a plane wearing a tweed jacket and a tie after returning home from Berkeley. I think I wore sandals and a pullover most of the time I spent at Berkeley, and that plane flight was probably the last time in high school I wore a tie. I think that it was common at that time to dress up for plane travel when we were actually treated like humans and not farm animals. I recall very few of my math professors in the late 60s and 70s wearing a tie. Right now I don’t even own a tie and don’t like them. I’ve noticed that funerals here in the last ten years or so have become a lot more informal in terms of dress.

  15. Yiftach says:

    I worn a tie once in my life. It was a job interview that could have solved the two body problem, so my wife insisted they’ll wear a tie. I didn’t get the job! However, I am an Israeli.

  16. Roger Joseph Witte says:

    Like you, I wear a tie on less than a dozen occasions per year, giving o(300) times as an adult. But I had to wear a tie to school every day giving an additional 7000 or so.

    I have about a dozen ties

  17. Ilan says:

    Zero and zero. I’m israeli as well.

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