Back from France!  Just there for 2 1/2 days on the way back from Israel.

  1.  Cheeses eaten:  Bethmale, Camembert, unidentified Basque sheep’s milk, Chabechou, Crottin de Chavignol, 28-month aged Comté, Vieux Cantal, Brie de Nangis.  The Brie and the Chabechou (both from La Fermette) were the highlights.
  2.  On the other hand, Berthillon ice cream not as amazing as I remembered — possibly because American ice cream has gotten a lot better since 2004, the last time I was in Paris?
  3. The Louvre is by far the most difficult major world museum to navigate.  Why, for instance, the system where the rooms have numbers but the room numbers aren’t on the map?
  4. I wonder museums with long entry lines have considered opening a separate, presumably shorter line for people willing to pay double (3x, 5x?) the usual entry fee.
  5. In the most Thomas Friedman moment of my life, an Algerian cab driver heard my accent and immediately began telling me how much he loved Trump.  If you want to know the Algerian cab driver conventional wisdom on this topic, it’s that Trump is a businessman and will “calmer” once he becomes President.  I am doubtful.  Tune in later to see who was right, the Algerian cab driver or his skeptical passenger.
  6. AB really loved the Rodin sculptures in the Musee d’Orsay.  I think because her height is such that she’s quite close to their feet.  Rodin sculpted a hell of a foot.
  7. I learned from Leila Schneps that the masters of the Académie Française have declared that “oignon” is to be spelled “ognon” from now on!  I can’t adjust.

7 thoughts on “France

  1. Emmanuel Kowalski says:

    Typo: “Comté”.

    For the Louvre, my memory is that it is possible to buy the tickets online beforehand, and that there is a separate waiting line for this (but I might be mistaken — I never did that at the Louvre).

  2. Shecky R says:

    People are funny in that cab driver sort of way… they wouldn’t ask a businessman to do their root canal, fix their plumbing, or repair their car engine, but somehow think they can automatically run the most complex government on Earth. So many folks vote viscerally with their gut now, that putting forth intelligent, experienced candidates almost seems a waste of time! :-[

  3. Emmanuel Kowalski says:

    P.S. The Eiffel tower has (or had) a system where you can either buy a regular ticket (with a long line) to go up with the lift, or one to go up the stairs (with a much shorter line…) I don’t remember if the price is the same or if the stairs are cheaper.

  4. TG says:

    Berthillon – the wild strawberry is still great, I think.

    Museums: isn’t this usually done slightly indirectly by selling annual memberships? I don’t have any experience of them in Paris, but in London/NYC/Chicago I’ve skipped a bunch of lines due to membership cards.

  5. Emmanuel Kowalski says:

    Re-Typo for the added items: “Académie Française” (although you probably did that on purpose to get them all apolectic…)

    My Robert dictionary does tell me that the original spelling (1275) was “Ognon”, the spelling “Oignon” being much more recent (1332)…

  6. JSE says:

    Thaks, Emmanuel, I think I have fixed all the characters now. Interesting to know the AF is expressing nostalgia for the circa-1300 golden age of onion orthography….

  7. Gecko says:

    The old Berthillon guy died in 2014 and the direction changed I think. It is clearly not as good as before, I don’t recommend it anymore. This is not bad but it has become average.

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