What I ate in Toronto

A hamburger, black sesame gelato, breakfast (incl. baked beans) at a diner from the 1940s, hand-pulled noodles, poutine.

Update:  “Related posts” reminds me that the last time I went to a conference in Toronto, I learned a lot of interesting math from Julia Wolf, and the same was true this time!

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4 thoughts on “What I ate in Toronto

  1. The butter burger at the stockyards (in Toronto) was one of the tastier burgers I have had in my life.

  2. Aaron F. says:

    I’ve been living in Toronto for almost a year now, and this post is timely and mouth-watering reminder to keep exploring. If it’s not too much of an intrusion, I’d love to know where to find that old diner—it seems like just the sort of place a friend of mine might enjoy!

  3. Aaron F. says:

    Oh dang, those pancakes look great! Looking forward to trying them sometime.

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