Game report: Cubs 5, Brewers 0

  • I guess the most dominant pitching performance I’ve seen in person?  Quintana never seemed dominant.  The Brewers hit a lot of balls hard.  But a 3-hit complete game shutout is a 3-hit complete game shutout.
  • A lot of Cubs fans. A lot a lot.  My kids both agreed there were more Cubs than Brewers fans there, in a game that probably mattered more to Milwaukee.
  • For Cubs fans to boo Ryan Braun in Wrigley Field is OK, I guess.  To come to Miller Park and boo Ryan Braun is classless.  Some of those people were wearing Sammy Sosa jerseys!
  • This is the first time I’ve sat high up in the outfield.  And the view was great, as it’s been from every other seat I’ve ever occupied there.  A really nice design.  If only the food were better.

2 thoughts on “Game report: Cubs 5, Brewers 0

  1. I just noticed a final standings quirk:

    Only 5 AL teams are above .500; 10 AL teams are below .500.

    There are 7 NL teams above .500 and 8 below.

    You might think from this that the NL did better in Interleague play, but actually the NL lost 21 games more than it won.

    Is there something about the dynamics of baseball team-building strategy that tends to lead to a few dominant teams, many mediocre ones, and no really bad ones? Or is this just an anomaly of this season? Or this phase in some dynamical cycle?

  2. berseliusx says:

    To be fair, most Cubs fans would probably boo Sosa if he showed up at Wrigley Field. Though for far more frustrating reasons.

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