Sex Has Thrown A Bomb Into Business

This article, written in 1927 by the psychoanalyst Smith Ely Jeliffe (a dude) has a take on workplace sexism that is, to me, startlingly contemporary.

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3 thoughts on “Sex Has Thrown A Bomb Into Business

  1. zobisco says:

    Agreed. Sexism is as much to a man’s detriment as it is to women who are subjected to it.

  2. Jay Morgenstern says:

    There is nothing at all here that startles me in the slightest. I have the feeling that some people, especially highly-educated people, fall into the trap of thinking that either they or their generation are discovering the truth about ethics and human nature. However, as one gets older, one sees more and more clearly (as evidently you do now), that there is nothing new under the sun. On the contrary, I would say that being impressed by supposedly ‘advanced’ notions encountered in an old book is paternalistic in precisely the same way that men can behave paternalistically towards women.

  3. Fergal Daly says:

    I wanna read the end of the story, you know, find out how the hero gets the initially frosty, business-like girl to fall for him.

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