Walking to the gym today I was thinking, 10 degrees Fahrenheit — sure, it’s cold out, but when I lived back east I would have considered this brutally, unfairly cold. Now it’s an unexceptional level of cold, easily managed by putting on gloves and a hat.

Then I got to the gym and looked at my phone and it was actually -3.

4 thoughts on “Acclimatization

  1. brett yost says:

    While working for Outward Bound in northern Minnesota in the 90s, we would acclimatize to -20F. Zero would feel like the magic comfort zone where trips were the easiest and we would do morning chores in a t-shirt when it got in the 20s. Going into a 60 degree cabin after a trip would intense skin flushing and rapid overheating.

  2. Richard Séguin says:

    Where I grew up up in the 50s and 60s, the Twin Ports on Lake Superior, it would sometimes approach -30 F, and -10 F and below was not uncommon. Some people used head block heaters on their cars. (With global warming, it’s not as bad there as it used to be.) Now that I’m a senior citizen, though, and staying thin, my fingers and toes freeze more easily, and when I’ve been out in frigid weather for a while it takes longer to regain body heat — sometimes a lot longer. I’ve missed going in to hear math colloquia simply because I had already been out doing errands and the thought of heading out again from the house when I was struggling to warm back up would prompt “Well, maybe not …” Still, we’re tough and practical here in Madison, and yesterday I suited up with my warm hiking boots (screw fashion!), my warmest Marmot parka, a big hat, and snowmobile gloves, and walked to the neighborhood bakery for treats.

    It’s the wildlife that’s amazing in this weather. Yesterday, just before dark, wave after wave of flying V formations of geese flew overhead my house. Just think of the wind chill they experience flying up there. Last night around 11 PM when it was -9 F, I saw a couple of bunnies heading toward the big hedge in front of my house. Bunnies weigh, what, a few pounds at the most? This morning, I saw a couple of squirrels. And how does the block of tiny tweetie birds that live in that hedge make it through weather with weather like this? I’m sure they’re shivering constantly, but still …

  3. Yiftach says:

    How does it feel now?

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