In which I almost waste four dollars at Amazon

Instructive anecdote. I needed a somewhat expensive book and the UW library didn’t have it. So I decided to buy it. Had the Amazon order queued up and ready to go, $45 with free shipping, then had a pang of guilt about the destruction of the publishing industry and decided it was worth paying a little extra to order it directly from the publisher (Routledge.)

From the publisher it was $41, with free shipping.

I think it really did used to be true that the Amazon price was basically certain to be the best price. Not anymore. Shop around!


4 thoughts on “In which I almost waste four dollars at Amazon

  1. Shecky R says:

    A couple of friends over the last 2 years have told me that Amazon is often NOT the best price if you’re willing to spend time shopping around. Also, one tells me that if you begin placing an order there, only to abandon it just before completing the transaction, then Amazon will often email you within a few days to say ‘hey, that book/product you were interested now has a lower price!’ to entice you back (of course if you wait too long the price may also go up).

  2. just different says:

    My favorite use of Amazon is to check the Marketplace to find out who is selling something and then go directly to their website to place the order. What you end up spending might not be less, but it won’t be more. It feels good to use Amazon to showroom, given that they’ve destroyed brick-and-mortar stores in exactly that way.

  3. byesac says:

    Don’t forget to check used on Ebay, too.

  4. ventullo says:

    I buy all my books used on Amazon when possible, as well as occasionally selling.

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