Pandemic blog 4: food

CJ is eating a sandwich. Strawberry preserves, capers, lettuce, and spicy dijon mustard on whole wheat toast. He says it’s excellent. They say COVID can temporarily disrupt the sense of taste and smell. (He doesn’t have COVID.)

We go through the fresh food pretty fast when all four of us are eating three meals a day at home. Also, that makes more dishes than our dishwasher can really hold. Somebody mentioned spaetzle on the Internet yesterday and it touched off a primal urge for spaetzle in me, so I made spaetzle. It’s good to remember that you can have noodles even if you don’t have noodles. (But we have plenty of noodles.) I used this Serious Eats recipe and fried the spaetzle in a lot of butter and onions. Very good and I’ll do it again.

AB had trouble sleeping the other night and I tried to bore her to sleep by listing all the breakfast cereals I could think of, which didn’t work, because talking about breakfast cereal is pretty interesting. But now I’m craving Raisin Bran which is weird because I don’t even like Raisin Bran.

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One thought on “Pandemic blog 4: food

  1. Richard Séguin says:

    Frustrated by my local food market constantly running out of Clasen’s bread before I could even get there, I called and managed to reserve a loaf each of two different types I use for toast. I’m in business again!

    Speaking of food cravings: I haven’t had sweet/sour cabbage soap for many years (or decades?), but for some reason I started thinking about it yesterday. Maybe subconsciously I’m thinking it must have some anti-pathogen properties.

    I thought it was weird enough that even the dish soap shelves in the market were almost bare a few days ago. Now I’m hearing today that there has been an enormous rush on guns and ammunition, from Texas to Wisconsin. Are people thinking that this is the Zombie Apocolypse or something?

    If you think keeping social distance is for sissies, see what the inside of a northern Italian hospital looks like:

    Actually, you may never want to leave your house again.

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