Pandemic blog 14: slimming

I have occasionally worked to lose weight, never too seriously because my weight problem has never been too serious. I used to sometimes do the Scarsdale diet in sync with my dad and once, a few years back, I went six weeks without carbs.

Anyway, a month without restaurant food has gone by and I’m 13 pounds lighter. Even though I’m eating all the cakes and cookies the kids are baking, snacking at night, going through enormous amounts of eggs, doing everything wrong. I looked up the records from doctor’s appointments and this is the least I’ve weighed since 2011. Who knew all it took was an order from the Governor to stay at home and make my own food?

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4 thoughts on “Pandemic blog 14: slimming

  1. Noam D. Elkies says:

    Same here, give or take a pound. I’ve seen some people quip that they’re having it even worse than the Freshman Fifteen — they’ll gain the Covid 19. Seems that we’re well on our way to losing it!

  2. brett says:

    Michael Pollan?

  3. Tom says:

    As long as one loses the undesirable flab and not desireable muscles….
    There was a case of a French Covid survivor, who was brought to a German ICU, put onto ventilation and got a big surprise when brought back to consciousness in a different country. He lost 20 kilogramms while in hospital, probably a lot of muscle loss.

  4. […] Slimming: The initial weight loss reported slowed down, but hasn’t stopped, even though I started eating take-out from restaurants in July and have been doing so pretty regularly. Now at about 18 pounds below pre-pandemic weight. Why, I wonder? Is it really just the lunch out at work and the snack at the coffeeshop forgone? […]

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