Pandemic blog 46: the end (not actually the end)

I’ve tried to make every blog entry since March be about the pandemic, but at some point one must blog more broadly. A change of number on the calendar is as good a time as any to declare an end; so this will be the last marked-as-such pandemic post, though probably not the last post about the pandemic, since while 2020 is over, the pandemic is not.

To 2020, let us say

And of course, what I listen to every New Year’s Eve: with the greatest performance of “Auld Lang Syne” there is, here’s Snail Ramp:

Happy New Year to all!

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5 thoughts on “Pandemic blog 46: the end (not actually the end)

  1. Richard Séguin says:

    Hey, the Patty Smyth song is perfect for saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020. Catchy too.

    My traditional New Years Eve music is a New Years Eve concert at the Fillmore East in 1969/70 (Vietnam War era) with Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsies (especially Machine Gun) played very loudly late at night. I guess that dates me.

  2. allenknutson says:

    Crazy fact I learned this year: Patty Smyth coulda been the lead singer for Van Halen after Roth. Instead we got Haggar, oh well.

  3. Richard Séguin says:

    Patty Smyth had vocal weight, power, and energy like Janis Joplin and Grace Slick that I find sadly missing in a lot of contemporary pop music. Here she is singing Whole Lotta Love live on the Letterman show:

    She hasn’t lost much of that either as she’s aged.

  4. allenknutson says:

    That is quite fine. Obviously the gold standard for female-led Zep covers is Ann Wilson’s, but I have a soft spot for this one as well:

  5. sam melt lemmas says:

    The Zepperella cover of Led Zeppelin’s version of When The Levee Breaks is good and adequately sexed up.

    On the subject of female covers of not-at-all-feminine songs, Youtube has some videos of girls (notably St Vincent but also some teenage amateurs) doing Kerosene by Big Black. The audiences are too young to know there is a pause in the middle and start applauding when the music stops.

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